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pip: install pylibmc with non-standard path of libmemcached

pip ... is it stupid?
Added by ruby about 1 year ago  »  Votes: 2/2

By default, libmemcached is configured and installed with prefix /usr/ or /usr/local/. On my system, libmemcached was configured with /opt/libmemcached-0.32/ as prefix. That makes pip stupid: pip can't compile the pylibmc as the header files and library files are not found.

To solve this problem, we can use the environment variables supported by the compiler (gcc)

1 $ export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$C_INCLUDE_PATH:/opt/libmemcached-0.32/include/
2 $ export LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/libmemcached-0.32/lib/
3 $ pip install pylibmc 2>&1 # now it works

This is a compiler problem, not pip's one.