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tmux, irssi auto connect at boot time

Hey, irssi fun!
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Problem: start irssi at boot time, and join (automatically) some room (assume the channel is #pentaxvn on

Listing 1: Your cron setting should start the For example, try in your crontab -e

1 @reboot $HOME/

Listing 2: The script to start tmux and irssi. The script is located at $HOME/

1 #!/bin/sh
2 tmux new-session -d -s 0
3 tmux new-window -t 0:1 -n 'irssi' 'irssi'
4 tmux select-window -t 0:1
5 tmux detach-client

As you can see, the script will launch tmux, open new window irssi in which the command irssi will be started. After all, tmux will be detached to go to background as we want to execute the script at the boot time :)

Listing 3: Now you have to configure your irssi to connect to server and join some specific channel.

Listing 3a: The startup script ~/.irssi/startup

/network add -autosendcmd "/^msg nickserv ident MYPASS;wait 2000" freenode
/server  add -auto -ssl -network freenode
/channel add -auto #pentaxvn freenode

Listing 3b: You also need to configure in ~/.irssi/config (oops, I am not sure if this is really needed.)

servers = (
    address = "";
    chatnet = "freenode";
    port = "6697";
    use_ssl = "yes";
    ssl_verify = "no";
    autoconnect = "yes";

Now you can reboot your server to see if new setting takes effect. From your shell, try tmux attach to connect to running tmux session.