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Associated array in Bash :)

Bash 4 cool
Added by ruby about 1 year ago  »  Votes: 2/2

Bash 4 supports associated array (similar to "Hash" in Ruby or "Dictionary" in Python). Here is simple example

 1 # First, you declare your array. You must use "-A", not "-a" 
 2 declare -A MYASSOC
 4 # Now you can add new entry to the array
 5 MYASSOC["foo"]=$((12*13))
 6 MYASSOC[""]="This is a test" 
 8 # To get an value at some index, try ${}
 9 echo "The associated value of "" is ${MYASSOC[""]}" 
11 # You can use a variable name as index. Note at the quotation
12 my_index="" 
13 echo "The associcated value is ${MYASSOC[$my_index]}" 

The associated array is very cool support. It would be useful when you want to write some Bash script that has a dynamic / modulable / loadable configuration. For example, when you write a jifty script to set quota for all FTP users on the system, you need a seperated file to store the quota table (instead of provide hard-code to support quota setting for each users). If the script is, the configuration would be

1 # Clearly these information shouldn't put in the main script
2 _QUOTA["user_1"]=$((1*$_GB_in_Bytes))
3 _QUOTA["user_2"]=$((2*$_GB_in_Bytes))
4 _QUOTA["user_3"]=$((3*$_GB_in_Bytes))