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are you.defined?

Ruby cool!
Added by icy almost 2 years ago  »  Votes: 2/2

I was trying to use defined? as a function argument, and I found that I couldn't do that. That's weird. Let's see the first example

1 >> def foobar?; puts "this is a test"; end
2 nil
3 >> define?(foobar?)
4 "method" 
5 >> s = method("foobar?")
6 #<Method: Object#foobar?>
7 >> s.clall
8 this is a test

That's clear. But I can't do a same thing with defined?

1 >> define?(defined?)
2 SyntaxError: compile error
3 (irb):23: syntax error, unexpected ')'
4 >> s = method("defined?")
5 NameError: undefined method `defined?' for class `Object'

Why? Oh, the answer is very simple: defined? isn't a method, it is an operator. I suddendly found the reason after reading this post As an operator, it works like "+", "!", etc. The post also shows that we can't overwrite / redefine it :)

Strange! And fun!


Added by icy almost 2 years ago

NOTE 1: As defined? is an operator (not a method), you can't overwrite it.
NOTE 2: As defined? is an operator, invoking defined?(eval("Array")) is equivalent of defined?(eval), which returns "method"