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Debian: get more spaces by deleteing /var/{cache,lib}/apt/

Oh this is really tricky :)
Added by icy almost 2 years ago  »  Votes: 1/1

Sometimes the system disk is full, and a very quick way to fix the problem is to delete all unnecessary files. The two directories /var/{cache,lib}/apt/ are the first ones you would concern: The cache contains binary files and binary packages for apt-get program, you can safely delete it

$ rm -vf /var/cache/apt/*.bin
$ rm -vf /var/cache/apt/archives/*.*
$ rm -vf /var/lib/apt/lists/*.*

The following directories should be kept to help apt-get to work fine:

# /partial/ contains partial downloaded files

Next time when you want to install/update packages, you would use apt-get autoclean first

$ apt-get autoclean
$ apt-get update
$ # Other apt-get commands

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