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freebsd: virtualbox no ping

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When using VirtualBox 3.0.51x in FreeBSD 8.0, I couldn't use ping to diagnose my network. It's quite strange because traceroute (without ping mode) worked though it's quite slow. Using tcpdump I found that (from VirtualBox guest) the ping packets were sent out but no REPLY are captured. I thought that the ping packets missed some headers/octets (TODO).

I loaded VirtualBox modules via local script (/usr/local/rc.d/) because loading via /boot/loader.conf didn't allow me to use bridge network. I've suddenly read in mailing list that some guys used vboxnetadp (In fact, I don't really know why such module does exist). Then I tried

$ kldload vboxnet
$ kldload vboxdrvflt
$ kldload vboxnetadp

Now I can use ping in my Virtualbox guest which is a FreeBSD again :) And traceroute is very fast...