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unix is panic

Added by over 3 years ago

Message from mailing list. A guy tried to copy a disk to itself, then thing went wrong


I booted into single user mode (running FreeBSD 8 RC2) and did:

# dd if=/dev/ad8 of=/dev/ad8 bs=1024k

After waiting a few hours the command completed without problem (ad8 is the 
HDD that has FreeBSD).  After that I got the following:

# reboot
reboot: device not configured
# ls
vnode_pager_getpages: I/O read error
ls: device not configured

Pressing the boxes power button results in the above vnode message to spam the 
screen.  The only way to reset the system was to do a hard reset (root was ro 
:-) ). 

Please use your nix box with care.