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windows reg: network configuration

Added by over 3 years ago

Network configuration is stored in



  1. delete the key
  2. reboot the system (without this step the system maynot contact DHCP server)
  3. disable the NIC
  4. re-enable it (to use DHCP)

Update 1: the obove story is wrong. After deleting the interface's key, you may disable the NIC and re-anable it. The final step is almost a trick: go to Properties page of the NIC, change from "dynamic ip" to "static ip" and vice versa. You may also add your own gateway. After this the system may contact DHCP server. No "reboot" is need.

I don't know what would go if we modify network configuration when the system is offline (by using Hiren boot, for e.g.) The recovery process may be harder ;)

Update 2: to force the user to use DHCP, just change the value of the key EnableDHCP from 0 to 1. (Remember to disable the NIC and re-enable.) This is a good way to change user setting without logging in to her/his system.