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a funny Makefile

lolz :)
Added by over 3 years ago

Download: version 1.0 here


$ cd /path/to/dir/contains/Makefile # then
$ make # or
$ make -f /path/to/Makefile money love baby shit

All feedbacks are welcome :)


Added by over 3 years ago

lolz is it original? I think the general idea is cool & creative, but the actual sayings in each "make XYZ" can be improved. Anyway, cheers :)

Added by over 3 years ago

@seri: I couldn't find a similar Makefile by Google. I hope that the idea is original :)

The "make" details should be changed, of course. I think that we should use complex Makefile to support options and stuff. And I am waiting for feedback... :)

Do you have any idea?

Added by over 3 years ago

Even if somebody did have a similar idea but you didn't know it before creating this, then I would consider it original :)

About the details, it may take time to think about sth real cool. Plus, everybody's sense of humor is different. Just some quick thoughts:

$ make
Available targets: money love baby shit

$ make baby
In order to make a baby, you will have to make love first.

$ make love
Sorry, you are not supposed to have sex with a computer :)

$ make shit
sudo apt-get Windows7


We can randomize the computer's responses too.

Added by over 3 years ago

Great, seri!

I think that we may have a new version next week :)