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liferea: ssl/https support

workaround for https feed
Added by over 3 years ago

Old way

I am using Liferea 1.4.28 with GNUTLS support. This means that I can use feed URL which is started by https://. In fact, Liferea reported error when parsing the following feed:


(this is a mirror site of

Luckily that Liferea allows me to change to way the feed is fetched from server. Instead of downloading feed by the internal process of Liferea, we may bypass the problem by using curl:

curl -k <feed_url>

(You can do this by go to "Feed properties / Source / Use command")

Cool :)


The problem is almost solved... except that the article's links aren't transformed. So we should use a local command for this task



curl -s -k $src \
|sed -e s#