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ssh: port forwarding

viettel sucks!
Added by almost 4 years ago

I have three machines

    \__ server1 (remote; ssh service)
        \__ server2 (remote; web, ssh service)

My ISP (viettel) blocks stuff so that I cannot access web/ssh services on server2. Luckily that I can make any ssh connection to server1. Let's trick the ISP.

Access web pages on server2

To secure web browsers, I create the local socks proxy like this:

$ ssh -D 9999 [email protected] # type this command on your laptop

Modify browser settings so that it accepts local socks proxy at port 9999.

ssh login to server2

Because I cannot ssh login directly to server2, it's better to use port forwarding (I tried ssh tunnel over http proxy but failed -- with corkscrew. I'll try again later)

 1 # on the first terminal
 2 #
 3 $ ssh -L 8888:server2:22 [email protected]
 4 #
 5 # now I am in the shell of the server1
 6 #
 7 # change to the second terminal
 8 # I login to local port 8888 using corolla account
 9 # corolla is my account on server2
10 #
11 $ ssh [email protected] -p 8888
12 #
13 # now I am in server2's shell 

The most funny stuff is that Viettel ISP doesnot allow me to access my company's websites. She sucks!