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freebsd/o3: bản prebuilt có đây!

Biên dịch o3 mất khoảng 16GB ổ cứng và 2GB Ram. Khủng quá!
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Các gói o3 cho FreeBSD 7.1 có ở đây

Điều lạ lùng là trong announcement có nói tới bản 3.0.1 dành cho amd64 nhưng liên kết lại trỏ tới bản 3.0.0/i386/. Chút chút nhầm lẫn. Liên kết chính xác là ở đây:


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Cho tới lúc này, bản 3.0.1 tại đó chỉ có port cho amd64. Còn với i386 chỉ có tới phiên bản 3.0.0

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From: Manolis Kiagias <>
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Subject: packages available (i386)
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 00:54:10 +0300
Sender: [email protected]
User-Agent: Thunderbird (X11/20090405)

Inspired by the recent discussion on the list concerning packages, I have created a set of packages for the
i386 architecture using my tinderbox system. Glen Barber has kindly
offered *lots* of his webspace to host these packages for everyone's

These packages are available from the following location:

And the main package to download would be:

All the other packages are build and/or run dependencies of the above. 
On a system that already has a running GUI, most (if not all) of these
packages are probably installed already.

Please note the following:

* The package was built using a tinderbox system
running 7.1-RELEASE-p4 i386. The ports tree was updated before the
build. As a result this package is in sync with the latest versions of
its dependencies and you may have trouble installing / running it in
systems with outdated packages. A portupgrade is recommended before

* All the dependencies are provided in the same directory.  It is
possible to use pkg_add -r to recursively fetch any dependencies not
present in your system:

    - First, redefince the PACKAGESITE environment variable:
    (assuming csh)

    setenv PACKAGESITE

    - Use pkg_add -r:

    pkg_add -r

* The package and all dependencies were built with default options.

The site does not yet contain any other pages or info, as Glen is still
working on the web content.

Please send us your feedback (including problems, suggestions and
success stories!) either on the list or directly.  If this proves to be
successful, we could also build and host other packages as well.